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        Inflatable Carts & Dollies

        Inflatable Storage Carts & Dollies


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        Commercial inflatables aren’t objects you can just toss over your shoulder and carry to your van or truck. Even a smaller commercial bounce house can weigh hundreds of pounds. Moving heavy equipment around requires a utility cart or a dolly/hand truck if you plan on avoiding serious physical exhaustion or injury.

        Hand trucks have been around for thousands of years. In the ancient world, carters could end up pushing a wooden dolly or utility cart over rough roads for miles on end. They didn’t have a heavy duty hand truck with a rugged steel tube frame like we use today. That job probably wasn’t too pleasant.

        Industrial-grade pneumatic hand truck wheels allow our dollies and utility carts to traverse any type of terrain your feet can, while handling many hundreds of pounds of weight safely as well.

        Tent and Table has the perfect dolly/hand truck for sale to suit your needs. From a smaller dolly to an industrial six-wheel utility cart, we’re sure one or more of our products will be just what you’re looking for. Please give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you find the perfect high capacity hand truck for your inflatable rental company!