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        Inflatable Blowers

        Inflatable & Bounce House Blowers


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        There ain’t no party like a bounce house party ‘cus the bounce house party don’t stop. Unless you don’t have a high quality air blower connected to it, anyway. If that’s the case the party doesn’t really start to begin with.

        If you’re working with a bounce house, an inflatable water slide, an obstacle course, a sky dancer, or some other type of commercial inflatable, air blowers are an essential tool you cannot operate your business without.


        A blower gets air moving into your inflatable equipment, bringing it up to safe and fun inflation levels without pumping them full of needlessly hot air. Doing this daily is going to require a durable, dependable blower that can get your bounce houses and other commercial inflatables operational quickly day after day, week after week.


        Our Zoom XLT and MAX blowers are certainly up to the challenge. Our bounce house blowers feature roto molding, built in cord wraps, and stackability. They can be secured quick and easy using ½” hook stakes. And did we mention they’re all ETL listed and certified for commercial use in both the United States and Canada?


        Call our dedicated and experienced sales team at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you pick out the perfect commercial bounce house blower for your needs. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions related to bounce houses and help you find the right products for your business! Save on commercial inflatable bounce house blowers for sale at Tent and Table!