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        Obstacle Courses

        Inflatable Obstacle Courses


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        Nothing gets the blood pumping like a physically demanding inflatable obstacle course, and if you’ve ever been in an inflatable bounce house, you can surely imagine just how fun an obstacle course bounce house must be. Whoever said exercise should be boring?

        Challenge friends, family, and neighbors in grueling head-to-head obstacle course races that will push you physically while providing endless hours of thrills. From a colorful obstacle course for kids to a towering behemoth of an adult inflatable obstacle course, you’ll surely find exciting commercial grade inflatables for everyone to enjoy right here at Tent and Table!

        Provide your rental business customers with an inflatable obstacle course rental and watch your profits soar. Your new commercial grade inflatable will be in high demand with parents and young adults alike. Just make sure they have plenty of beverages to cool off with. These courses are tough!


        Want an even bigger challenge? With a modular inflatable obstacle course from Tent and Table, you can mix and match components and create a truly unique and physically demanding course that will stand as the envy of all your competitors.

        Each inflatable can be linked, directly or indirectly, with other commercial grade inflatable obstacle course units, allowing you to bring even your craziest ideas to life. You can even link in other inflatables, too. Want contestants to cool off on a fun inflatable water slide? Go for it!

        Not feeling particularly creative? Buy one of our inflatable obstacle course sets and assemble monster courses right out of the box. Some of these sets measure up to more than 200 feet in length after they’re assembled!


        Each of these exciting inflatable obstacle courses are crafted from high quality, commercial grade vinyl. They feature reinforced stress points with stress reduction technology to improve durability and help ensure your obstacle course stays functional rental season after rental season.

        We package each unit with everything you need to get up and running the day your new commercial course arrives. Your new unit ships with stakes, an air blower, and more so you can set it up right away, without needing to buy lots of additional hardware.

        Interested in some addons for your new commercial grade inflatable obstacle course? Hand trucks and dollies will help you move your heavy inflatables from point A to point B. Sandbags and water bags make for more stable anchoring than using stakes alone. We carry all kinds of high quality inflatable accessories to help you transport, store, repair, and enhance your inflatable obstacle course.

        Let’s find you the perfect inflatable obstacle course for sale at a price your rental business can appreciate. Give our inflatables experts a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and let us help you find the perfect inflatable games and other commercial inflatables to suit your needs. And don’t forget to ask about our incredible financing options and our legendary weekly sales, too!