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        Emergency Shelters

        Medical Screening Tents & Restaurant Outdoor Dining Tents


        * Custom packages and kits can be created upon request, please call our sales department at (716) 832-8368

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        Equipment used by first responders needs to be reliable. It needs to be professional grade, high quality, and built to last. Their gear should be versatile, resistant to the elements, and ready for a quick deploy in all sorts of conditions. And that’s what you’ll get out of a disaster relief tent package from Tent and Table.

        From our background in party and event rentals, we’ve learned how to craft a durable canopy tent. These tents are built to be dropped into a truck, driven to an event, set up quickly, then torn down and cleaned. Day in, day out, our customers in the realm of professional rentals have proven that our tents can put up with nearly anything you throw at them. And when disaster strikes, they’re more than ready to heed the call.

        Our emergency shelter packages are designed for quick deploy scenarios in all sorts of emergencies and disasters. These fully enclosed relief shelters can be used as medical tents, triage tents, or general hospital tents. You can deploy our tents for drive thru testing or screening, or use them as emergency relief tents,, or set up a food distribution center in a school parking lot or a public park. Whatever your needs, our disaster relief tents are ready to deliver.


        Our canopy tents are resistant to water, fire, UV rays, and mold and mildew. They’re crafted from commercial grade materials, from our 300g polyester to our top of the line 16 ounce PVC vinyl. Our tent poles are made from materials like schedule 40 steel and aluminum.

        We assembled these tent packages to help first responders and medical staff stop the spread of COVID-19. But their heavy duty construction makes them suitable for a wide range of uses, from temporary shelter for emergency crews in a storm to helping customer service teams with curbside pickup.

        Whether your mission is to deploy medical supplies, school lunches, or just bottles of water, our emergency tents offer an affordable temporary structure solution for your needs.

        We put together packages with everything you need shipping your way in one convenient purchase. You’ll get canopy tents, tent stakes, and tent sidewalls, with some packages also coming with folding chairs.

        Not finding a package that works for your needs? Call our expert sales team at 1-716-832-8368 and we’ll work with you to develop a customized package or kit to suit your every need.