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        Folding Chairs

        Party & Folding Chairs for Sale


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        Weddings. Birthday parties. Corporate conferences. Industry expos. As different as these types of events may be, they do all share one major thing in common: They all need folding chairs.

        Seating is a major concern for any event planner or party rental company. Though sometimes overlooked, having the right folding chairs can have a huge impact on the overall quality of the event as a whole.

        The seating options available to your clients need to suit aesthetic themes and be comfortable for their guests. And for your rental company, you need to know that the plastic folding chairs, metal folding chairs, and resin folding chairs you’re offering those clients are durable enough to make it through multiple seasons of use.

        Tent and Table’s catalog of event and party chairs for sale will keep your rental company prepared for any type of event you encounter. We offer poly plastic chairs, metal chairs, and resin chairs for sale to suit any occasion. And they’re all built sturdily enough to withstand the sort of wear and tear strains commercial use puts on foldable chairs.

        Our metal chairs and our poly plastic folding chairs for sale use ¾” tubular steel hardware with galvanized rivets. Each is coated in powder to reduce rusting, too. And our poly plastic options use 100 percent virgin polypropylene plastic. They’re designed with efficiency in mind, too, and can be easily stacked for quicker transportation.

        Ideal for upscale events, our resin chairs for sale are made from high luster UV stabilized non-recycled virgin resin. We couple that with the pure polypropylene plastic we use for our plastic folding chairs, and add in steel hardware to boot. To top it off, we gave them gorgeous mid century and modern aesthetic designs.

        The end result? Beautiful, comfortable, highly durable seating options your customers will love.

        Tent and Table carries an impressive assortment of commercial grade, heavy duty folding chairs for sale. Our folding chairs are amongst our best selling products, because industry professionals know they’re reliable, comfortable, and they look great, too.

        Our expert staff would love to tell you all about our high quality folding chairs for sale. Give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and learn why our commercial grade party chairs are favorites throughout the party rental industry!