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        Tarps for Sale


        Buy Moose Supply 5 Mil Poly Blue Tarp for Sale


        Buy Water Resistant Heavy Duty Poly Tarp for Sale


        Buy Moose Supply Colored PVC Vinyl Waterproof Tarp for Sale


        Buy Water Resistant Camo Poly Tarp for Sale


        Buy Water Resistant Poly Wood Pile Tarp for Sale


        Buy Silver Waterproof Heavy Duty Hay Tarps for Sale


        Buy Black/Silver Heavy Duty Waterproof Poly Tarp for Sale


        Buy Heavy Duty Black Mesh Tarp for Sale


        Buy Concrete Curing Blankets for Sale


        Buy Heavy Duty Nylon Ground Cover / Drop Cloth for Sale


        Buy Heavy Duty Tarp Repair Tape for Sale


        Buy Heavy Duty Pallet Cover Tarp for Sale




        You’d think there isn’t much space for innovation when it comes to the simple tarp. Tarps have been around for nearly as long as humans have, after all. But we’ve come a long way from that ancient tarp crafted from animal skins. A modern tarp is a lot more advanced than you might realize. Just take a look at the tarps for sale at Tent and Table and you’ll see what we mean.

        Our heavy duty tarps are crafted with waterproof, durable PVC vinyl. They’re machine weaved to resist tears, rips, rot, and mold and mildew. These are commercial grade, heavy duty tarps that are built to hold up to whatever Mother Nature hurls at them.

        Those cavemen back at the dawn of civilization would’ve been stunned by our modern heavy duty tarps. Our tarps laughs in the face of the elements while diligently protecting your valuables. Whatever your tarping tasks—whether it’s a modern truck tarp or an ancient collection of spears—the tarps for sale here at Tent and Table are going to impress!


        We have a huge selection of tarps for sale for you to choose from, too. If you’re looking for a blue tarp, your search is over. But what if you want a white tarp, or a black tarp, or a brown tarp? We have those, too!

        Tent and Table carries a huge assortment of waterproof tarp colors, in all of the popular tarp sizes. Need A 10x10 tarp, or a 20x20 tarp, or a huge 40x40 tarp or 40x60 tarp? We’ve got you covered with our tarp sizes … no pun intended. We also have a great mesh tarp collection, too!

        Whether you’re protecting your inflatables in a yard, or reinforcing your canopy/party tent, or simply doing some backyard gardening, the quality of a heavy duty tarp from Tent and Table will pleasantly surprise you. Our tarps for sale are durable, rugged, easy to use, and look great. Our large tarps have everything you expect out of a heavy duty tarp, and more!


        Need help choosing the right tarp to suit your needs? Stuck between choosing whether a waterproof tarp is right for you, or if you just need a large tarp? Questions on tarp sizes? We offer 10x10 tarps, 20x20 tarps, 20x30 tarps, 20x40 tarps and other super common tarp sizes! We realize we offer a lot of tarps for sale, and our specialists can help you out! Give us a shout today with any of your questions!